3 Quick Natural Acne Remedies

Acne is so embarrassing and can seem impossible to get rid of, but with these few natural acne remedies you will be clear of acne in no time.




The quickest working solutions come from essential oils. Make sure you are getting the purest and cleanest essential oils, these are therapeutic grade:

 Melaleuca is tea tree extract, it is very powerful and works overnight, reducing redness and drying out those pesky pimples.

 Geranium works great for reducing that unsightly redness and smells great. Mix geranium with Melaleuca and apply on the affected area for even quicker acne reductions. If it seems too strong, you can dilute geranium with some water.


A great supplement for the acne-prone is zinc. Zinc is great for acne because of its anti inflammatory properties, after taking zinc supplements for about a week, you will start to see a reduction in acne. Make sure the zinc you are taking is whole foods derived, the metal zinc can have traces of cadmium, another metal which may lead to kidney failure overtime.


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