Are Probiotics the New Antacid?

Probiotics are an assortment of bacteria’s and yeast’s that are good for you. These probiotics can help balance some of the bad bacteria that are already living in your body. It’s true probiotics can cure those uncomfortable stomach problems, although they may take longer to have an affect, they can have better long term affects than antacids. The hard part is just choosing the right kind of probiotic that works. A good place to get probiotics is at your nearest natural foods store, to pick out the right kind you want to go with the one that has the most strains of bacteria (get one that has more than seven strains). The second criteria is the amount of colony forming units or (CFU), you should get a probiotic with over five billion CFU. Good probiotics don’t come from yogurt, because the bacteria in the yogurt is usually dead already.


The probiotic supplement I use is the Natren Healthy Trinity, it has over twenty billion CFU and, many different bacteria strains.

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